Serving Indiana Since 1998

Carriage Cleaners is family owned and has been in business twenty four years, is locally owned, and is owner operated and managed.

Insurance companies have their first priority to their customers- the insured. These companies often need to balance duty and responsibility with customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Carriage Cleaners has a long, proud tradition of making customers happy and utilizes the most modern technology and processes to restore garments and save money.

Carriage Cleaner's simple process features rapid response, and segregation of each job, including private storage; processing each job as a whole, without mixing with other jobs.

State of the art restoration, deodorization and sanitizing utilizing computer controlled soap injection systems for precise measuring.

High output ozone injection for maximum odor elimination, and frequency drive computer controlled washers provide the highest potential for restoration of damaged garments.

Drying is accomplished using digital, computerized moisture control steam dryers. Steam is without a doubt the best method available for proper care of today's fabrics. Steam greatly eliminates shrinkage, over drying, and oxidation while creating a very soft garment for the final user.

Long term storage is provided in our climate controlled facility, available to our customers seven days a week.

Carriage Cleaners is the most cost efficient method available. Our rapid response technology and systems allow us to consistently save twenty to twenty-five percent more than our competitors.

Our prices are on average fifteen to twenty percent less than any competitor because of our advanced technology and highly skilled staff. We handle garments less, provide a detailed inventory, and never bill in advance for items we didn't restore.

And remember, Carriage Cleaners never charges for storage, emergency services, pack out, delivery, trips, holidays, nights or weekends, or mileage.


We welcome the opportunity for you to tour our facility and see the difference. We also invite you to do serious, detailed price comparisons which we would be happy to assist you with. Call Us Today!