Our  State of the Art Process has the Highest
Success Rate in the Industry 

Fire  -  Smoke  -  Water  -  Dust  -  Mold  -  Insulation  - Tear Gas 

 24 Hour Emergency Laundry Service

In most cases we can have your laundry picked up and back to you within 24 hours.


We offer as part of our service complete drapery cleaning and hanging. All drapes are removed and cared for in accordance with the care label.

Dry Cleaning

Many of your garments are labeled "dry clean only" and therefore require a different process from your normal laundry. We are proud to offer the latest technology for your fine clothes. Aquatex is a system developed in Europe that uses water instead of solvent to clean your clothes. Normal cleaning is often very effective in light damage situations; whereas moderate and severe damage is often much easier to reverse using the Aquatex system.

Wedding Gowns

We offer full wedding gown cleaning and restoration. When complete, your gown will be returned to you in an acid-free box, and it will be triple-boxed to ensure long lasting protection when stored.

Household Items

Bed Coverings, Stuffed Animals, Porcelain Dolls. We are able to restore these items but they require disassembly. This is a very time consuming process because each part is washed separately. We have a very high success rate with these items and welcome the opportunity to clean them.


Many of the items in your home that have been damaged will require laundering to restore them. We use computerized front load washers that have a 50lb capacity. This type of washer is the most gentle on your fabrics and offers the best cleaning. We currently inject ozone into the water we wash with. This allows for natural deodorization on most odors. Following the wash cycle we have a minimum of two rinse cycles, all with ozonated water. We dry most of your garments using steam to ensure the best possible results. Our goal is to duplicate your home laundry technique as closely as possible and return your items to you in as good or better condition that prior to your loss.

Leather & Fur

The cleaning and restoration of animal skin can be very difficult as well as risky. Prior to being manufactured into a wearable garment, animal skins have already gone through a multitude of abuses, insect bites, scars, nicks, scrapes, tears, etc. Any of the above conditions may become evident after cleaning. The most common is a slight change in color, texture and/or feel. Because of the unique nature of animal skins, there is no guarantee on how they will respond to cleaning.

Time Tables & Storage

When we pick-up your items for cleaning and restoration, we will work with you on a completion date. We offer same day emergency laundry 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you find you need any items prior to completion, just call and we can find them and have them ready as quickly as possible. When your job is complete, we will store your items as long as necessary and you can come and pick things out as often as you need. When you move back in, we will deliver everything back to your home, completely at your convenience.